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FLINT4FLINT was birthed by inspiration from God in the mind of Jamie Burton-Oare, a Flint native. 

The execution of the plan was developed with one of the three Board of Directors, Flint native, Jason McGee.  Jamie and Jason were blessed to be joined by additional Flint natives, Board Members Omar McGee and Tywan Feimster.  


*Jamie Burton-Oare, Filmmaker/Actress

*Jason McGee, Delphi Financial Manager

*Omar McGee, Posh Luxury Imports, CEO

*Tywan Feimster, Minister and Chrysler Supervisor


We singlehandly know the bond between current and former Flint residents.  We are calling on our peers, and all other contributors, from all over the United States of America, who have an interest in supporting our Flint.  

We have made a difference, through our Water Project, and provide a tangible outlet for donations to Flint residents.  We want the massive amounts of money being donated for the people to REACH the PEOPLE.  Our goal is to provide an action based solution and one that is more immediate.  

This is only the beginning.  We are making a lifelong commitment to the city, from which we've come.  


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