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There is a strong connection between Flintstones, as in other tight-knit communities. We stick together when times get tough.  We want to mobilize this reality now, and continue for many years to come.  

Feel free to email us at to inquire of ways you may be able to help.  


ANYONE can donate, from ANYWHERE. The idea is to also empower Flint residents to contribute to one another.  We are our brothers/sisters keepers.

Our goal is to help provide a more immediate, environmentally friendly solution to the Flint Water Crisis.  A Michigan based company, The Water Depot, formerly, MillBrook Water Company's (MBC) local distributor Rick Falck, partnered with FLINT4FLINT.  

FLINT4FLINT and the Water Depot installed water coolers in the homes of residents, one family at a time, AT NO CHARGE.  We delivered thousands of gallons of water and serviced over 70 families with new water coolers since 2016. Our commitment was to be there until the end.  That time has come so after 7 years, we will move on to Project #2 to be announced and finalized in 2023.

Flint4Flint is seeking our first Independent Contractor from the city of Flint, to assist us as the funding grows, and the number of installments increases.  If you are interested in working with us, please email us at




#1 Water Cooler Delivery Project


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