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About Us

One Person, One Project at a Time

Flint4Flint was founded by Flint native Jamie Burton-Oare. She enlisted the help of her three fellow Flint natives and friends Jason McGee, Tywan Feimster and Omar McGee. Together, they co-founded Flint4Flint and completed Project #1 - Water Project.

 Three of the original Flint4Flint members, Jamie, Tywan, and Omar continue to sow good seeds with Project #2 - Next Phase Foster Recipient/Mentorship into the city through the residents. They have committed to execute this goal one person, one project at a time.  

*Flint4Flint is dedicated to a lifelong commitment of positively, proactively serving the community.  It's inception was 2016.  The work will be carried out one project at a time. This is a 501c3 organization. 

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